Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. These will only be shipped within Canada.

Elvish Athame

Black jeweled handle with Celtic design on blade. Heavy and sturdy.


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Female Egyptian Athame

Egyptian themed athame. 13.5"


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Gothic Athame

Heavy weight and decorated in a gothic styling, with silver inlays over a black handle. (9.5" Length)


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Gothic Skull Athame 17 1/4"

A stunning skull athame which is quite large. A unique ceremonial athame for sure.


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Ice Dagger Athame 17"

"Winter is Coming" with this lovely ice dagger.


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King Arthur Dagger 16 1/2"

A King Arthur themed athame.


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Large Fleur De Lys Athame 19"

A large Fleur de Lys themed athame. A great athame for all your ritual needs.


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