Backflow burners are incredibly unique in that the smoke from the special backflow cone travels down through various paths based on the holders design. ONLY USE WITH THE BACKFLOW CONES.

Ancient Dragon Backflow Burner

A dragon holding a ball sits atop of a brick wall, smoke comes from his mouth. 6" tall


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Baphomet Backflow Incense Holder

An amazing backflow incense burner depicting Baphomet. 7.25" tall


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Buddha Backflow Incense Holder

A beautiful backflow incense holder depicting Buddha sitting on a mountain. 7.5" tall


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Buddha Head Backflow Burner

Buddha backflow burner where the smoke comes out of Buddha's mouth, blessing the person held within his hand. 5.5" tall


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Triple Goddess Backflow Burner

A beautifully designed solid cold cast resin, cone holder of Maiden, Mother, and Crone, circle, holding a goblet at center. They stand on a base entwined within detailed tree branches and garnished with ivy vine, with the s the moon phases and triple moon along it's edge.


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