A highly detailed cold cast resin statue, hand painted in antiqued bronze. Legends of Pan and his flute live on in this wonderful depiction. 9 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 4"


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Pan (large)

Pan is a god of creativity, music, poetry, sensuality and sexuality. Cold cast resin. Highly detailed. 11.5" tall


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Poseidon gained and ruled over the sea as God of the sea and earthquakes with a sharp trident as his weapon. Poseidon is the second most powerful god after Zeus and was widely worshipped by seamen. He was also worshipped as a fertility god. 9.25" tall.


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Rearing Pegasus

A Veronese statue of Pegasus rearing. Pegasus was born from the blood of Medusa. Pegasus is associated with poetry. 11" tall.


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