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April 3, 2020:
Books, Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards have been added.

Welcome to Hecate's Magickal Marketplace...the place where the Light and the Dark unite. Serving Saskatoon since 2014. We are Saskatoon's largest occult & metaphysical store serving all paths including Wicca, Voodoo, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Satanism and more.

We have the largest apothecary of herbs, resins, and oils in the city. We hand make a lot of our products such as traditional incense, stick and cone incense, Voodoo & Santeria Candles, Essential Candles, Votives, Pillars, Leather Books, Wooden Ouija Boards, Witches bottles, Spiritual Waters, Spiritual Colognes. Over the years I have created over 400 recipes which I use in my store. This truly sets me apart from all the other occult stores in Saskatchewan.

All products are sold as curio only. No results are guaranteed. All products are for external use only.