Arthurian Magic

Discover a system of magical work based on the stories of Arthur and his legendary realm. With meditations, rituals, visualizations, and pioneering shamanic techniques, Arthurian Magic leads you on a profound soul journey designed to raise consciousness and unleash deep levels of wisdom. Discover dozens of exercises and a complete twelve-month course of study that will bring the mysteries alive and open your inner awareness to the mystical power of these profound legends.

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Astral Travel for Beginners

Astral projection, or the out-of-body travel, is a completely natural experience. The exercises in this book are carefully graded to take you step-by-step through an actual out-of-body experience. You can explore new worlds, go back and forth through time, make new friends and even find a lover on the astral planes.

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Chakra Clearing

Dr. Doreen Virtue guides you through meditations and visualizations to clear your chakras, which activates your inborn healing and psychic abilities.

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Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews

This is a greatly expanded and rewritten version of The Magic of Incenses, Oils and Brews.It includes over 100 new formulas, proportions for each element of the recipes (the most requested feature from his previous book), how to substitute ingredients, and much more. Besides the formulas, it also includes the exact methods of making all of these scented tools, including how to extract the essences from the herbs.

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Druid Power

Call forth dragons and feel the ancient songs of the Celts stirring in your blood. Access the deep wisdom of the Druidic orders and reclaim the Elemental gifts of the Otherworld. Become a spiritual warrior of the Celtic Craft?a Dragon-Rider.

The dragon is a symbolic representation of the alchemist's or magician's works of power. Druid Power presents techniques for self-transformation through Celtic faerie craft and Elemental magic. Rich with mythological information and psychological insight, this innovative guide bridges ancient Celtic Druidic Tradition with modern transpersonal psychology.

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Earth, Air, Water & Fire

Earth, Air, Fire & Water features more than 75 spells, rituals, and ceremonies. Cunningham reveals the secrets of the four magical elements, in addition to the fifth one: spirit. He explores their basic nature and the types of rituals associated with each element. Herbs, stones, metals, musical instruments, colors, seasons, direction, and symbols corresponding with each element are also discussed. This bestselling guide to natural magic also introduces the basics of magic-concepts, techniques, and tools-to those who are new to the practice.

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Moon Magick

Align yourself with lunar forces that can adversely or positively affect every aspect of life on earth. Use the thirteen-month lunar calendar to plan projects, make personal changes, break habits, examine your love life or sign a contract. Moon Magick contains simple rituals, meditations and Moon lore, recipes, beverages and decorations, and a dictionary of Moon gods and goddesses.

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The Witch's Book of Spirits

The Witch's Book of Spirits shows you how to perform rituals and magic with a wide range of spirits, meet and work with your familiar, and exorcize spirits when needed.

Explore the foundational teachings of psychic processing and profiling that gives you insight into the inner workings of the Witch's Tree and the planes and peoples who dwell in its many layers, including angels, demons, faeries, and ancestors. Discover new approaches to soul flight, mediumship, and conjuration. Expand the scope of your magic with the intimate system known as The 33 Spirits, transmitted to the author by his familiar and a special priesthood of spirits.

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In this book, third generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister explains the history behind witchcraft, why identifying as a healer in past centuries led women to be burned at the stake, and why the witch is reawakening in women across the world today.

This book is a re-telling of Herstory, an overview of the different schools of witchcraft and the core principles and practices within them. Discover ancient wisdom made relevant for modern witches: The wheel of the year, the sabbats, the cycles of the moon; Tools to enhance your intuition, including oracle cards and dowsing, so that you can make decisions quickly and comfortably; Understanding the ancient use of the word "medicine"; How to work with herbs, crystals, and power animals so that you have support in your spiritual work; How to build and use a home altar to focus your intentions and align you with seasonal cycles, the moon cycles, and your own intentions for growth; Cleanse, purify, and create sacred space; Work with the elements to achieve deep connection with the world around you.

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