Payment Methods
All orders are prepaid; payments will be taken before an order is processed, packed and shipped. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, E-mail Transfer and Paypal. We do not accept prepaid credit cards. All credit card orders with a subtotal of $500.00 or more, or having a different bill-to and ship-to address, will require an authorization form to be filled out, signed and returned by the card holder. Payments are required within 24 hours of invoice being sent. Invoices not paid within 24 hours will be cancelled and items will be returned to stock.

We use Canada Post XpressPost or Expedited Parcel to mail orders to Canada and the USA only. Depending on order size we may use FedEx. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and answer for all fees and charges required by Customs and Duty regarding packages ordered and shipped internationally. FedEx and Canadapost have their own brokerage fees that we have no control over. These fees are billed in addition to any duty, taxes and Shipping charges. It is the responsibility of all customers to understand local, regional, and national laws pertaining to the items they purchase, and purchasers are solely responsible for packages lost or destroyed, or any legal action resulting from the purchase of the items that are illegal in their particular country or region. If the package is returned to us, you the customer will be responsible for all fees incurred. Order are usually shipped within 48-72 hours of acknowledging the order. Customer will be made aware of any out of stock items.

Customer is responsible for all shipping costs. We only charge the actual shipping cost plus the cost of the shipping materials.

Swords, Athames, Spiritual Waters and Spiritual Colognes can only be sold within Canada and connot be shipped via Air.

All Sales are final and sold as Curio Only. No magickal results are guaranteed.

Price Changes
Prices are subject to change without notice.