Black Leviathan Cross

A black stainless steel leviathan cross. Comes with chain.


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Goat Head Baphomet

A large pewter piece depicting the baphomet with a detailed goat head.


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Goat Head Star Amulet

Baphomet is often revered as the Goat-headed God of nature, or the balancing male force to the female Goddess. Has braided black cord with clasp ends. Pewter. 1 1/4"


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Inverted Pentagram

An inverted pentagram with a highly detailed goat head superimposed. Comes with chain. Titanium. 1 1/4"


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Inverted St Peter Cross

A great piece for any Luciferian or Satanic follower. You will not find a piece like this in the city. An inverted cross with a detailed Jesus on it. Comes with black cord necklace with clasp. Stainless steel. 1" x 2"


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Lucifer Sigil

This is the sigil of Lucifer. Comes with chain.


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Ouija Planchette

A stainless steel pendant depicting a ouija planchette. Comes with chain.


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Stainless Steel Inverted Cross

A beautiful titanium stainless steel satanic inverted cross with chain. Chain is approx. 20" and 3mm wide. The inverted cross is 1.5" long not including the pendant clasp.


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