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Hello and welcome to Saskatoon's newest occult store. My name is Jason and I'm the owner and creator of Hecate's Magickal Marketplace. It's a place where both the light and the dark meet. Everyone is welcome here no matter which metaphysical path you are on.

I've lived in Saskatoon since 2000 and have always felt something was missing in the Metaphysical community. I feel this is what Saskatoon occult store that caters to more than Wicca.

At Hecate's Magickal Marketplace you will find a wide variety of incense, candles, oils, gris gris bags and more for every purpose from protection, money and healing, to destruction. I spent over 2 years developing formulas for candles and incense, so feel free to browse the traditional incense to see what is available. Custom candle dressings can also be done upon request.

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