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We are Saskatoon's largest metaphysical shop that caters to many paths from Wicca to Luciferianism. We are a neutral place where people can practice openly, whether they follow the Three Fold Law or not. We hand make quite a few of our products including: Spiritual Colognes, Candles, Magickal Oils, Voodoo Conjure Oils, Salves, Traditional loose incense, Powders Spiritual Waters and more. We also have a large collection of books and tarot/oracle cards.

We have a large apothecary of herbs and resins (over 300), essential oils (over 50), stones (over 150 varieties). Our magickal oil and incense blends are over 300 recipes. All these recipes have been created by us using alchemy and you can find these blends in our Traditional Incense and Magickal Oil sections. There is something here for everyone. If you are looking for something specific and you can't find it, let us know and we will see if we can find it for you.

Be sure to stop on by and check us out. We are always creating new things and bringing unique items in.